Bakery Branding

Project Description:

Bakery branding and packaging design for Client: Monamour Bakery.

Monamour Bakery are family run business based in California, USA. They make ‘Lovelies’ – 100% Gluten-free cheese breads, in a range of flavours. They wanted their bakery branding and packaging designs to demonstrate the all-natural characteristics of their product, with a logo that reflected their commitment and love for their business and product.

Bakery Logo Design


The logo was focused around the heart to represent ‘My Love’ (Mon Amour), with a bite out and crumbs to convey the delicious products the bakery have to offer. The business name circles the heart design and is written in Pristina font, a calligraphic typeface that lends itself to giving the same personal touch feeling that you get with a small, dedicated, family run business.

Character Illustration:

As part of the branding, Monamour Bakery wanted to have a character drawing of ‘Mona’, Co. founder, to appear on their packaging. They provided me with a hand-drawn sketch to refine. I kept the illustration as close to the original image as possible, so as to keep with the bespoke, hand-drawn style.

Hand Drawn Illustration

Food Packaging Icons


Main product features were required on the front of the packaging in a clear, instantly recognisable way. I produced a set of icons to represent each of the key points, that were easy to follow and kept the design of the packaging simple and clutter free.


There are three product flavours; Original, Garlic & Chives and Jalapeno. Each bag features a hand-drawn outline, representative of the flavour, that forms the product viewing window, with the Original flavour window utilising the heart of the logo design. On the reverse, the Character illustration sits next to the company background story, in the form of a first person narrative.

Product Packaging

This was a fun project for a great client and their ‘Lovelies’ look… well… Lovely! Please feel free to leave comments or share!

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