1st October 2017 SuziIID

Dribbble I’m Playing! Finally!

Dribbble Player at Last!

Last week, I was honoured to receive an invitation to join the creative world of Dribbble! An invite only community to showcase creative work and network with fellow creatives.

My invitation was from Robert Bree, a logo designer and handlettering specialist from Munich. Firstly, it is customary to express thanks through a creative shot, and introduce myself to the Dribbble community. I set about creating my illustration. With Autumn upon us, it felt only right to come up with something seasonal.

Secondly, this debut shot usually contains the Dribbble ‘Basketball’ icon… So, how could I combine this with an Autumnal themed creative shot? Then the idea hit me… Conkers! I searched the site for other shots of conkers and found very few! Perfect, this theme also had a uniqueness.

Dribbble Conkers

Using the Basketball icon as the winning conker, smashing the opposing conker, I uploaded my debut shot. I got a warm reception and I can’t wait to start sharing more of my work with other creatives.

Lastly, after creating this piece, I decided to create a version of it with two conkers – seeing that this subject was also lacking in stock illustrations, this is now available as a stock image for download on Dreamstime.


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