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Blender – Entering the World of 3D Modelling

3D Modelling in Blender

My first experience of 3D modelling in Blender as a complete beginner.

While searching for mock-ups to display some recent packaging designs, it got me thinking ‘how hard can it be to create my own’? I’ve modelled a few simple bits in Adobe Illustrator, finishing them off in Photoshop, the most recent of which was this supplement tub;

Supplement Tub Model

Now it is time to do more and surely using dedicated software is the best way to go about it.  Blender is an open source 3D modelling software which I downloaded and installed. I was excited to open it and get started, but that feeling was quickly replaced with utter horror. As the user interface opened, I found myself faced with an array of complicated looking menus and settings.

Fortunately, not deterred, I started searching for the next essential tool… Beginner tutorials! I found a great series created by a guy called Andrew Price – The Blender Guru – and he definitely lives up to that name! The final render image of donuts looked fantastic and I was intrigued as to how he could get a complete beginner, 3D modelling in Blender and creating something so fantastic, in just 9 short videos? After reading all the comments and praise, including users equally impressive renders, I decided this was the one I was going to start with.

The tutorials were extremely easy to follow… occasionally having to replay tricky parts until I had it nailed. And sure enough, by the end of the series, I had managed to create my own donut scene. And here it is;

Blender Scene

I thoroughly enjoyed the tutorial series, and it has definitely got me excited to follow more from The Blender Guru! They will hopefully enable me to start creating my own models for various uses. I’ll probably post more of these as I work through them, but here is my first render of the above scene. Not too shabby for a first timer!

Donut render

Do you create 3D models in Blender? I’d love to hear tips and tricks that helped you get going.

Dribbble I’m Playing! Finally!

Dribbble Player at Last!

Last week, I was honoured to receive an invitation to join the creative world of Dribbble! An invite only community to showcase creative work and network with fellow creatives.

My invitation was from Robert Bree, a logo designer and handlettering specialist from Munich. Firstly, it is customary to express thanks through a creative shot, and introduce myself to the Dribbble community. I set about creating my illustration. With Autumn upon us, it felt only right to come up with something seasonal.

Secondly, this debut shot usually contains the Dribbble ‘Basketball’ icon… So, how could I combine this with an Autumnal themed creative shot? Then the idea hit me… Conkers! I searched the site for other shots of conkers and found very few! Perfect, this theme also had a uniqueness.

Dribbble Conkers

Using the Basketball icon as the winning conker, smashing the opposing conker, I uploaded my debut shot. I got a warm reception and I can’t wait to start sharing more of my work with other creatives.

Lastly, after creating this piece, I decided to create a version of it with two conkers – seeing that this subject was also lacking in stock illustrations, this is now available as a stock image for download on Dreamstime.


Letraset Tria, Faber Castell & Johanna Basford!

Letraset Tria

Letraset Tria, Faber Castell & Johanna Basford.

Creative play time!


Having bought a couple of Johanna Basford‘s colouring books for grown-ups as Birthday gifts for other people, I found myself hankering for one of my own. After quite a bit of unsuccessful hint dropping, a copy of ‘Secret Garden’ accidentally fell into my shopping trolley shortly before Christmas, that had ‘Present for Mummy’ written all over it! Sure enough on Christmas morning, there it was… My very own colouring book!

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Children’s Sports Camps Branding

Camp 4 Champs LogoProject Description:

Children’s Sports Camps Client, Camp 4 Champs: Logo & Flyer design

Camp 4 Champs provide Children’s sports camps during the school holidays, for children aged 7-14 years. Launched in October, 2015 and gathering popularity, they approached requiring an eye catching logo and advertising flyer that would promote their next multi-skills sports camp, which would take place during the Easter Holidays (April 2016).

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Colour Your World

Color CC

Colour Scheme Generator

I have always had an affinity with colour wheels and colour charts. As a child, I remember walking round DIY Stores with my parents, and being in awe of the colour chart stand for paints, with its huge array of shade cards. I’d always pick several up and put them in my pocket to take home.

I can only assume that all creative’s have the same fascination and connection with colour that I have and are aware of just how important it is, to the world of design.

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