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13th January 2016
13th January 2016 SuziIID

Colour Your World

Color CC

Colour Scheme Generator

I have always had an affinity with colour wheels and colour charts. As a child, I remember walking round DIY Stores with my parents, and being in awe of the colour chart stand for paints, with its huge array of shade cards. I’d always pick several up and put them in my pocket to take home.

I can only assume that all creative’s have the same fascination and connection with colour that I have and are aware of just how important it is, to the world of design.

The correct use of colour in a design can give that wow factor, but can equally create the opposite effect if it’s not used correctly. It can create an atmosphere for the design and emit an array of moods, which in turn stimulate an array of responses from your audience.

There are many free colour wheels and scheme generators available on-line if you need help, or if you’re looking for inspiration for creating the perfect scheme, but my favourite is Color CC (Formerly Kuler) by no other than (in my opinion), the market leader in design software, Adobe.

It has lots of features available. Choose from a collection of user created schemes (which also has a search function), create your own from scratch, amend existing themes or you can even create schemes from images. It covers multiple rules, from analogous through to shade and the option to save and download the finished scheme as an Adobe Swatch Exchange file.

It really is one of the best available, but don’t just take my word for it… go and give it a try, but BE WARNED – It is highly addictive and I can not be held responsible for the hours lost to Color CC! Enjoy creating those schemes! 🙂

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