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Suzi Newton
I am Suzi – Nottingham graphic artist, designer, illustrator, crafter & occasional poet – creativity is the very essence of who I am, and I am most content when immersed in something creative, whether it is design work for a client or a personal craft project. Attention to detail is very important to me and this is present in all aspects of my life.

I live in the small town of Huthwaite in North Nottinghamshire with my partner and our young Daughter.

Creative Roots…

Creativity has always been at the very core of my existence. Deep minded – a thinker – or, “in a world of my own” as my Father always said. It was from him that I inherited a natural artistic ability, although creativity ran strong from my maternal lineage too, my Mother music orientated, with my Great-Grandfather and Grandfather owning a piano making and tuning business ‘R.A Freeston & Son’ in the very heart of my home town – Nottingham.

I grew up, like most children in the late 70’s and 80’s, avidly watching Take
Hart and Blue Peter, playing outside and arguing with siblings (who didn’t?). I did win quite a few drawing and colouring competitions along the way and always found something creative to amuse myself with.

After finishing school, I went on to study A-Level Art & Design with Media Studies at Clarendon College in Nottingham. Unfortunately, finding art related work wasn’t as easy as I’d hoped, and for my first full-time job, I worked in a knitwear factory, turning jumpers the right way round! Then later, training to be a machinist.

Along with the many jobs I’ve had since that humble first, I’ve always dedicated my free time to learning new skills and different mediums to express my creativity. As technology progressed, I started to dabble with design software.

Here & Now!

So, how did I get from jumper turning to Graphic Artist, you may ask? Like I said, I’m a natural born creative. I set up Inspired Instinct Design back in 2003, as a hobby in the evenings. Then, in 2009 when I became a Mother, I decided to give up my day job and pursue my passion! It allowed me the freedom to be a full-time Mum and work during the evenings, to grow my business. By the time my Daughter started nursery in 2012, I had established a strong, global client base and my fully-fledged business took flight, full-time.

Designer Suzi Newton




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